A  Gond tribal fable about water...and on the human relationship to this most primeval of elements.

Exquisitely rendered images of an imaginative water-world – in the Mithila folk style from Bihar.

From her studio Minus 9 Design, Rathna Ramanathan has worked with Tara Books on projects over the last twenty years. Here, she reflects on her experiences of collaborating with Tara Books in the context of sustainable modes of design and production, and alternative models of publishing. Jason McLennan in The Philosophy of Sustainable Design summarizes sustainable design as the redefining of how things – objects,

Rambharos Jha: I thought of two things with a crocodile – its prickly harsh body, and the waters that house it.

Rambharos Jha: Here is the octopus in its habitat, with its meal tray—clams, starfish, scallops and sea-urchins.

Rambharos Jha: Here is a whale in the ocean, swimming in different directions, curving and circling.