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The Dumar Tree

The Dumar Tree

Durga Bai: The holy Dumar tree, whose fruits look like little birds, is worshipped for nine nights during the festival of Navratri. It blesses marriages, where its wood is used to make the wedding canopy.


Screenprinted & signed

limited edition art print

$ 175.00

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Weight 100.0 g
Dimensions 560 × 430 mm



200 gsm – recycled from cotton waste


Limited edition of 200 prints




Bubble wrap sleeve – inside carboard tube

Durga Bai

Durga Bai

Durga Bai is a female artist working within the Gond tradition of tribal art from Madhya Pradesh, central India. Her work constantly re-works and pushes the boundaries of the Gond art form to create a style that sparkles with a distinctive energy. Her work has been exhibited both within India and abroad, and she’s worked on several of Tara’s seminal projects. Click here to discover her other Tara Books.


Gond Art

The art of the Gond tribal community in central India is dense yet intricate and rich with meaning. The Gonds are one of India’s largest indigenous communities, and art is central to their lives. Originally painted on walls and floors, Gond art has since found its way to paper and canvas. Click here to discover other Tara projects with Gond artists.