When Two Times Meet

When Two Times Meet

Bhajju Shyam: I have combined the rooster, which is the symbol of time in Gond art and Big Ben, which is the symbol of time for London. These are two perfect symbols coming together.


Screenprinted & signed

limited edition art print

$ 120.00

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Weight 100.0 g
Dimensions 430 × 580 mm

200 gsm – recycled from cotton waste




Limited edition of 200 prints




Bubble wrap sleeve – inside carboard tube

Bhajju Shyam

Bhajju Shyam

Bhajju Shyam belongs to the Gond tribe of artists—a community of highly visual story-tellers—from Madhya Pradesh in India. His captivating art keeps the symbolic density of the Gond style, bringing to it the intelligence and clarity of his own vision. The versatile artist has received international acclaim since his runaway success in 2003 with The London Jungle Book. Click here to discover his other Tara Books.


Gond Art

The art of the Gond tribal community in central India is dense yet intricate and rich with meaning. The Gonds are one of India’s largest indigenous communities, and art is central to their lives. Originally painted on walls and floors, Gond art has since found its way to paper and canvas. Click here to discover other Tara projects with Gond artists.