By Anushka Ravishankar

I did not discover nonsense so much as recognise it with a shout of joy when I was almost twenty years old. What a waste of two decades! Of course, I had read nonsense as a child. I’d read the wickedly funny poems in the Alice books by Lewis Carroll and I knew some of Edward Lear’s gently silly poems and limericks. But I had no idea that nonsense was a respected literary genre. (Well, sort of respected.)

By Gita Wolf and V. Geetha

Years later, when asked about Tara’s origins, Gita Wolf would say, “I didn’t really have a business plan, nor had I thought through all that publishing involved. As an avid child-reader fed on Anglo-Saxon books, it seemed to me that fun and adventure seemed to happen only to children in other places… and I wondered, why not right here?”