Another History of the Children’s Picture Book: From Soviet Lithuania to India

Giedrė Jankevičiūtė, V. Geetha

At a particular period in Indian history, cheaply available Soviet picture books, in English and vernacular translations, changed the way Indian children read. Meanwhile, a different and more problematic kind of cultural ‘globalization’ was underway in the regions governed by the Soviet State, and Lithuania is a rich case in point. This book calls for a re-imagining of global picture book history: a result of an unusual collaboration between Indian social historian, V. Geetha, and Dr. Giedrė Jankevičiūtė from the Lithuanian Culture Research Institute. A sumptuous and unusual archive of art has been mined to go with this history: from socialist realist art to classic examples of the Lithuanian primitive modern, many of the images in the book are featured in an English language publication for the first time.

Read a blog post by V. Geetha  — Lost and Found — to discover how this book keeps lost times from being truly forgotten.

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Giedrė Jankevičiūtė

Professor Dr. Giedrė Jankevičiūtė (b. 1960, Vilnius, Lithuania) is a leading researcher at the Department of the Art History and Visual Culture of Lithuanian Culture Research Institute. She also teaches the history of modern art and social art history at Vilnius Art Academy. As a curator, she collaborated with Lithuanian national art museums in Vilnius and Kaunas, and with numerous Lithuanian galleries and local museums.

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V. Geetha

A writer, translator, social historian and activist, V. Geetha is a freelance editor and a leading intellectual from Tamil Nadu, India. She has been active in the Indian women’s movement since 1988, organizing workshops and conferences. Geetha has written widely, both in Tamil and English, on gender, popular culture, caste, and politics. Click here to discover her other Tara Books.