The Flag
The Flag
The Flag
The Flag
The Flag

The Flag

M. Lakshmanan, Various Photographers

The Flag records the astonishing – and everyday – moments in the life of the Indian tricoloured flag. With a range of images – from the flag as bodily ornament to the flag as an item of trade by the poor, this book is a startling and powerful visual essay on identity and citizenship, national pride and political indifference. Featuring 30 tremendously insightful but little-known photographers from across India, The Flag contemplates the Indian flag in all its human moments of pride and poignancy.

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M Lakshmanan


Deputy photo editor and principal photo coordinator for the Press Trust of India, M. Lakshmanan is a seasoned photographer and winner of several awards, including the Associated Press Best Photo Coverage on HIV / AIDS in Southern India.

Various Artists

Various Photographers

This book features photographs by Anil Dayal, Aniruddha Pal, Arijit Saha, C. Ganesh, Chandan Dey, Dinesh Gupta, G. Murugan, Kiran Bakale, L. Palani, M. Lakshmanan, M. Srinivasan, Manas Paran, Nathan G., Nishant Ratnakar, Paulraj Vijayan, Pawan Kumar, Piyal Adhikary, Prakash Hatvalne, Raju Sanadi, Selva Prakash, Shanthakumar, Shome Basu, Shyamal Das, Sudipto Das, Supriya Biswas, Surajit Roy, T. Mohandas, Vijaykumar and Vinayakam Kalidoss.