Classroom with a View

Ashwin Prabhu

Classroom with a View: Notes from the Krishnamurti Schools raises and addresses an important but often ignored question: what is school a place for? Drawing from everyday pedagogy in the Krishnamurti schools, it suggests that school is where children learn in an expansive sense — across subjects and beyond the classroom, in the sports field, during a nature walk, a class excursion, on the streets, and not only from teachers, but equally from workers, artisans, poets, performers…

The book details a range of exercises and projects which can enable teachers from a variety of schools to put this vision of learning into practice. Teachers interested in fostering independent thought as well as collaborative work will find this a thoughtful and practical guide.



Read a blog post by V. Geetha — What is School a Place For? — that explores our early work with creative pedagogy as well as other creative models of education and as a special exclusive, find an excerpted chapter from the book.

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Ashwin Prabhu

Ashwin Prabhu

Ashwin Prabhu found his way into teaching in a rather fortuitous manner. Right on the threshold of a conventional corporate career, he came upon the works of J. Krishnamurthy early on. For the next decade, even as he journeyed on in his professional life, he kept coming back, again and again, to fundamental questions around education and its purpose. Eventually, he joined The School—the Krishnamurti School in Chennai. The time he spent in school allowed him to examine his questions around learning, growing, and finding one’s place in the world, and this book is an outcome of that engagement.

2021_Ragini Siruguri

Ragini Siruguri

Ragini Siruguri is a visual communication designer from south India. Her practice lies at the intersection of graphic design, photography, books and writing, especially in the Indian cultural context. She experiments with the smell of colours, the taste of words, and thinking between the lines. Click here to discover her other Tara Books.

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