Excuses, Excuses

Anushka Ravishankar, Gabrielle Manglou

Meet Neel, who has the noblest of intentions, all of which have a strange way of going wrong… Excuses, Excuses captures the gleeful childhood dilemma of knowing the importance of rules, but delighting in breaking them. A wildly absurd feast from Anushka Ravishankar – India’s best-loved children’s poet – and Gabrielle Manglou – zany artist from Réunion.

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Weight 440.0 g
Dimensions 275 × 210 mm






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Foreign Rights Sold

Catalan, Spanish (World excluding Mexico): Takatuka

Golden Cube Award for Best Book Design, 2006

Winner, Association of American University Presses' annual show Competition, 2005

Winner, American Association of Museums’ Publications Design Competition, 2005

Gold Trophy, University and College Designers Association, Annual Design Competition, 2005


A riveting story... the book, which is totally handmade, is as elegant as the re-telling.

Anushka Ravishankar

Anushka Ravishankar

Dubbed ‘India’s Dr. Seuss’, Anushka Ravishankar is one of India’s most celebrated children’s authors, and her witty and jubilant tales are internationally acclaimed and widely translated. Anushka has now written over twenty books and travelled widely performing from her stories. In 2012, she founded the Indian children’s publishing house Duckbill together with Sayoni Basu. Click here to discover her other Tara Books.


Gabrielle Manglou

Born in Réunion Island in 1971, Gabrielle Manglou is an artist who graduated from Beaux-Arts de Montpellier & Marseille in France. Her aim is to create a magical world where humans, animals and plants can communicate and co-exist in harmony. She currently lives and works in Réunion. Excuses, Excuses was her first project with Tara Books. Click here to discover her other Tara Books.

Rathna Ramanathan

Rathna Ramanathan

Designer Rathna Ramanathan has steered the design philosophy of Tara since the very beginning. In the process, she can be said to have pioneered innovative children’s book design in India. Her main interest is in typography as well as in changing the form of the book. She runs minus9, her own graphic design studio, and is currently the Head of Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art, London. Click here to discover her other Tara Books.


Nia Thandapani

Graphic designer Nia Thandapani is based in Bangalore. A graduate of Central St. Martins College of Art & Design, London, she’s spent the last nine years working across London, Sri Lanka and India. Alongside commissioned projects, Nia researches and documents lesser explored aspects of design and visual culture in India. Nia co-runs Carrom, a design and illustration studio. Click here to discover her other Tara Books.

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