Andrea Anastasio

Fingerprint is a visual fable for our times, celebrating resistance to state surveillance and control. Actual fingerprints, silkscreened onto the pages of the book, create progressively complex patterns, transporting the fingerprint from the world of forensics and law into the freeing world of art and imagination. A brief historical note on fingerprinting and security-related practices frames and anchors this unique work of art in Indian and global contexts. Fingerprint is silkscreen-printed by hand on handmade paper.

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Weight200 g
Dimensions190 × 140 mm





Silkscreen-printed on paper recycled from cotton waste



Andrea Anastasio

Andrea Anastasio

Artist and designer Andrea Anastasio was born in Rome, and studied Philosophy, Asian studies, and Street Theatre, before going on to start a very successful design practice. Andrea’s connection to India is a long one, going back to 1991 when he began researching rural architecture, folk art and religion. He now regularly commutes between India and Italy. Click here to discover his other Tara Books.

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V. Geetha

A writer, translator, social historian and activist, V. Geetha is a freelance editor and a leading intellectual from Tamil Nadu, India. She has been active in the Indian women’s movement since 1988, organizing workshops and conferences. Geetha has written widely, both in Tamil and English, on gender, popular culture, caste, and politics. Click here to discover her other Tara Books.