Scoot Card

You don’t need to skate around in circles, shoot in the dark or scoot from a topic when you can simply say it with a card!

Welcome to artist Sangita Jogi’s imaginative universe, populated by women who revel in each other’s company, enjoy dressing up, playing sports, partying… and generally strutting around with cool confidence. From the book The Women I Could Be, this card celebrates female friendship and active women. Also available as part of the Active Women – Card Box.

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Weight 15.0 g
Dimensions 178 × 124 × 1 mm



Offset-printed with special spot colours


300 gsm – cyber xl board

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Sangita Jogi

Sangita Jogi

Sangita Jogi is an artist from Rajasthan, India. As a young mother and daughter-in-law, she is kept busy with household chores—her time is not her own and her mobility curtailed. She draws when she can find the hours of an afternoon, and at night. And when she does, her confident and playful lines dream up new worlds, exploring and celebrating possible other lives. This is her first Tara book.



This selection does not belong to any particular tradition, but has been chosen from the work of illustrators from India and other parts of the world.