The Boy Who Speaks in Numbers

Mike Masilamani, Matthew Frame

The Boy Who Speaks in Numbers is a darkly satiric account of childhood in times of war. Set in Sri Lanka, the events it narrates could equally happen elsewhere — in all places where human deaths are reduced to numbers and guns do not differentiate between adults and children. Mike Masilamani’s ironic narrative centres around an unnamed boy, who is at home with numbers rather than words. Along with a constantly chattering — and prophetic cow — he bears witness to a bizarre and violent time. UK-based illustrator Matthew Frame’s textured illustrations are a powerful testimony to the horror of prolonged civil strife.

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Mike Masilamani

Mike Masilamani

A second generation wordsmith, Mike Masilamani is a short-story writer and playwright, with his work being performed in Colombo, Sri Lanka and Chennai, India. Click here to discover his other Tara Books.

Matthew Frame

Matthew Frame

Since completing his Masters in Communication Design at Central Saint Martins, artist Matthew Frame’s practice has focussed on how illustration can address the issues surrounding social cohesion in the globalised world. His emphasis on hand-drawn imagery and analogue production techniques inform his design outlook and underpin his distinctive approach to illustration. Click here to discover his other Tara Books.

Rathna Ramanathan

Rathna Ramanathan

Designer Rathna Ramanathan has steered the design philosophy of Tara since the very beginning. In the process, she can be said to have pioneered innovative children’s book design in India. Her main interest is in typography as well as in changing the form of the book. She runs minus9, her own graphic design studio, and is currently the Head of Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art, London. Click here to discover her other Tara Books.