Where has the Tiger Gone?

Dhavat Singh Uikey

There’s a time when tigers and human beings lived close to each other, says Dhavat Singh Uikey, an artist from the Gond tribe in central India. Gond villages were often located close to the forest, where tigers roamed freely.

Familiar yet wild, the tiger played a compelling role in people’s lives – and in their imagination. Ferocious and magnificent, it was revered as much as it was feared. In this book, Dhavat offers us a glimpse into this forgotten world, through a retelling of traditional Gond tales about the tiger, illustrated with richly symbolic art. In the process, he captures not only the mythic and iconic status of the great beast, but also a time, place and relationship that is lost to us.

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Dhavat Singh Uikey

Dhavat Singh Uikey belongs to the Gond tribe of artists from Madhya Pradesh in central India. Widely exhibited in galleries and museums around India, his art on the tiger has gotten him special acclaim. This is his first book as a solo artist.


Ragini Siruguri

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