The 9 Emotions of Indian Cinema Hoardings

V. Geetha, Sirish Rao, M.P. Dhakshna

The Erotic. The Valorous. The Furious. The Terror-stricken. The Pathetic. The Comic. The Disgusting. The Marvellous. The Peaceful. There is a spectrum of nine emotions that the superior work of art should evoke, explains the Natyashastra, one of the oldest surviving texts on stagecraft in the world. The 9 Emotions deconstructs each of these emotions and explodes them into their modern context: Indian cinema billboards. Film hoardings artist M. P. Dhakshna uses his colourful palette and bold imagery to invoke the visual history of a public art form that has all but disappeared from our streets.

Read a blog post by V. Geetha  — Lost and Found — to discover how this book keeps lost times from being truly forgotten.

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V. Geetha

A writer, translator, social historian and activist, V. Geetha is a freelance editor and a leading intellectual from Tamil Nadu, India. She has been active in the Indian women’s movement since 1988, organizing workshops and conferences. Geetha has written widely, both in Tamil and English, on gender, popular culture, caste, and politics. Click here to discover her other Tara Books.

Sirish Rao

Sirish Rao

Sirish Rao is one of the most exciting new voices in contemporary Indian writing. He has authored more than fifteen books, ranging from novels and children’s books to retellings of myths and collections of pop art. Several of his titles have won international awards. His writing reflects his interests in nature, mountaineering, travel and the oddities of language. Click here to discover his other Tara Books.

M P Dhakshna

M. P. Dhakshna

One of the best-known hoarding artists of Tamil cinema, Dhakshna works with his team from a studio in Chennai, South India. His artwork for The 9 Emotions was exhibited at the Kunsthal Gallery in Rotterdam and the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in London.

Helmut Wolf

Helmut Wolf

Dr. Helmut Wolf, who provided the photographs for this book, is a photographer and translator who has helped shape Tara's visual content since its inception. A material scientist by profession, he continues to work closely with Tara, and in addition to his work with the camera and art, is in charge of Tara's European distribution. Click here to discover his other Tara Books.

Gita Wolf

Gita Wolf

Gita Wolf, who conceptualised this book, started Tara Books as an independent publishing house based in India. An original and creative voice in contemporary Indian publishing, she is known for her interest in exploring and experimenting with the form of the book. She has written over twenty books for children and adults. Several have won major international awards and been translated into multiple languages. Click here to discover her other Tara Books.