A Village is a Busy Place!

Rohima Chitrakar, V. Geetha

This activity book in the Bengal Patua style of scroll painting depicts the everyday world of the Santhal people, who are amongst India’s largest indigenous communities. Fold by colourful fold, the scroll opens out into a gorgeous panorama of village life, teeming with people, animals and activities. Accompanying text—along with careful pointers and questions—encourages the child to discover details, make connections, and set off on an exploration of village life.

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Weight 400.0 g
Dimensions 364 × 200 mm



16 folded pages


Offset printed



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Rohima Chitrakar

A Patua artist today, Rohima Chitrakar began learning this art from her parents-in-law Moyna Chitrakar and Joydeb Chitrakar, established Patua artists themselves. Among Rohima’s favourite themes are the adivasis and their daily life in the village, featuring cooking, cleaning, hunting, fishing and playing.

V Geetha_2

V. Geetha

A writer, translator, social historian and activist, V. Geetha is a freelance editor and a leading intellectual from Tamil Nadu, India. She has been active in the Indian women’s movement since 1988, organizing workshops and conferences. Geetha has written widely, both in Tamil and English, on gender, popular culture, caste, and politics. Click here to discover her other Tara Books.


Tanuja Ramani

Tanuja is a graphic designer and illustrator with a focus on editorial, publication and identity design. Tanuja is also part of the team at Kabadiwalla Connect, an award-winning social enterprise based in Chennai, and leads design at Upcykle, a studio focusing on design and innovation with reclaimed and sustainable materials. Click here to discover her other Tara Books.