Sorry? Thanks! Mixed Emotion Cards

Want to say sorry for something you’ve done or left undone? Or say thanks in subtly different ways?

These cards play with the meaning of the words ‘Sorry’ and ‘Thanks’, and are designed to tweak how language communicates. Just by adding a couple of punctuation marks, they allow you to express gratitude or remorse (and other emotions in between) on any occasion.

Each card has been printed at our workshop, on a vintage 1965 Heidelberg letterpress. Working with this machine requires speed, precision and expertise—from mixing the inks by hand, to compositing type on the metal plate and keeping an eye on each impression. As part of our effort to revive classic techniques of printing, we train, nurture and employ artisans at our workshop in Chennai, India. It’s run according to fair trade practices and proceeds from the sale of each card are shared between all those involved in creating them.


These cards say a lot with a little! To discover the process that informed their creation, read a blog post by Gita Wolf and Catriona Maciver — Sorry?… Thanks! — which takes you through the experience of designing for the letterpress, working with metal type and turning constraints into possibilities.

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Weight 200.0 g
Dimensions 150 × 100 × 10 mm





220 gsm uncoated board

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Catriona Maciver

Catriona Maciver

Catriona Maciver is a multidisciplinary designer from Scotland. After graduating in Graphic Design from Central Saint Martin’s College in London, she travelled to India to explore traditional artisanal craft and culture. It was this interest that led her to work for Tara Books in 2013. Catriona continues to work on book projects with Tara, while also running her own studio in South India. Click here to discover her other Tara Books.



This selection does not belong to any particular tradition, but has been chosen from the work of illustrators from India and other parts of the world.