An unusual collaboration between indigenous Warli artists, a writer-gardener and book artisans, this book is a celebration of the miracle that is the seed and its place in our lives and cultures. Read on for an account of its evolution, and how it came to take its imaginative final shape, a combination of four book forms—each of them reflecting a particular aspect of the cosmos contained in a seed.

By Gita Wolf and V. Geetha

Years later, when asked about Tara’s origins, Gita Wolf would say, “I didn’t really have a business plan, nor had I thought through all that publishing involved. As an avid child-reader fed on Anglo-Saxon books, it seemed to me that fun and adventure seemed to happen only to children in other places… and I wondered, why not right here?”

By Arun Wolf

What is remarkable to me about many Tara projects is the spirit of collaboration that lies behind them. I think this commitment to genuine dialogue finds a way of seeping through into the pages of the books, but it’s perhaps not always obviously tangible.

A tribute to the Seed, the basis of all life, through a play with forms of the book.

Mayur & Tushar Vayeda: Human beings cast their net to fish but only reach relatively shallow waters.

Small whirlpools forming within the ocean’s current, a quick circular movement.